Wedding Story

I am happy lady who can say she married her best friend! Do you hear that so much and you think "yea right?" I never felt that way before getting married, I was happy for people who could say that, and hoped I could find that too. But I totally understand how someone could feel like such a sentiment is cliche.

Any way, we met through his sister. She and I attended the same church for a few years and became good friends. Memorial day weekend 2009, she invited me to visit her brother in a city an hour away. We met at a macaroni grill. We made it there first and sat facing the door. As he walked in I had that slight toe-curling feeling, and felt the pricklies on my neck, and a little bit of a smirk forming at the corner of my mouth. THANKFULLY I had a second to recover before he made it to our table.

Jumping ahead. In 2010, in between moves, job changes, and all kinds of life-altering events, I ended up in a city 2 hours from him. He got my number from his sister and from our first phone conversation, to the first date, to two weeks after the first date officially becoming a couple, we were both hooked. It took us almost one month after the first date to say "I love you." He bought the ring (unbeknownst to me) one month (TO THE DAY) after our first date, and proposed one month and one day after the official "we're a couple" conversation.

We married on a sunny Saturday afternoon on May 21, 2011. It really was, to both of us the most perfect, beautiful, sweet, and intimate little outdoor wedding EVER!!! All my closest friends from church pitched and helped us set up and feed our guests. I'm sure like so many others, the day is never enjoyed enough.

It goes by so quickly, but driving home, I remember our smiles, laughter and joy. We exclaimed over and over what a great wedding it was and how much we enjoyed the time and how much we were looking forward to going home, to our home!

***Photography compliments of Sweet&Simple Kelly Scott Photography! Thanks Kelly!!!!
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