Monday, October 22, 2012

Life with Baby First 2 Weeks

My Son turned 2 weeks old Saturday. It's crazy for us! He has changed so much since his birth day. Eyes wide open, face is fuller, he seems longer, I know he's heavier, many funny faces and new sounds every day!

Highlights from the first two weeks with Elijah!

3 Days Post-pardom, first stroller walk!

Waiting for his parents to get ready. Love his little knee propped up and his hands folded!

9 Days Post-pardom - first errand day! Nursing bra shopping and walmart, WHEW!
*What we wore: Papa Bear- Plain black tee, urban pipeline jeans, osiris tennies, browning cap
Mama Bear- target cardi, old navy tee, target nursing tank, old navy skirt and flops, carters diaper bag which is awesome because its styled after a hobo tote!
Baby Bear - carters onesie and pants

12 days old - Getting ready for another day out. I mostly sat in the car, but still, it was getting out of the house.
*What we wore: Papa Bear - plain black tee, khaki cargo shorts, browning ball cap
Mama Bear - AE tunic, tank, (still) maternity leggings
Baby Bear: Carters jacket and pants set with onesie

Papa Bear chilling with Baby Bear after day out

2 weeks old!!! Papa Bear and I dance in celebration

Local touristy spot featured a scarecrow walk. This one had a great message
The little family - Rocking the Baby K'Tan

After a long day, baby enjoyed chillaxing in his swing :-)
Hope ya'll are doing great!
(I'll get time to do a birth story one day... pix were just easier!)


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    1. Thank you for always being such a cheerleader for me Samantha!!! I want to see your updates! I know it's got to be hard to find the time, but I'm checking your blog to see if there is something new...


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