Wednesday, May 23, 2012

19 week update

At 19 weeks, baby boy achieved mango-size! He is now developing:
Sense of touch, smell, and taste!
Measuring about 6 in. and weighing in at 8.5 ounces, growth is really taking off!
He has his "pretty" waxy vernix, or white peach fuzz covering his body to protect his delicate skin from aminotic fluids. By 30 weeks this special "coat" should disappear, but some babies, especially preemies, are born with some vernix remaining.

On to the pictures!!


*What I wore: purple ruffle top/kohls; tank/kohls; maternity shorts/motherhood; necklace and bracelet/gifted; watch/bday present from hubs; flops/sanku's via dilliards

Now people have started noticing my bump! I've had a few people reach out to touch my belly. Yea, that's weird for me! Husband thinks the belly is more beautiful the bigger it grows. I'm so glad he takes that approach!

Here is a glimpse of what I'm working with in the nursery. Keep in mind this was my office, but we've turned it into temporary storage as we've needed somewhere to put baby stuff and whatever else until I could figure out my organization strategy!

First stop (and best part for hubby) was SHOPPING! Getting everything home... well...


This fuzzy picture shows the room as an organized, functional office... Before it became temporary storage and a dumping place for our shopping bounty for baby!


*hangs head* I'm so ashamed...

Nothing stresses me out like a disorganized, dysfunctional closet! How did I let it get this far???

OHHH The horror!!!

This has been your before look! After taking these pictures, I spent 4 solid hours organizing this room and the master bedroom closet. Hubby hung curtains, then we had to just chill. I made tasty burgers and we watched a movie. A productive end to our anniversary weekend celebration! Nothing like tranquil hours by a lake shore, then sitting quietly by a home patio fire pit, eating s'mores (for me, hubby hates them. he had mcdonalds) to jumping headfirst into setting up nursery for baby!!!

Stay tuned for the following stages of our son's room!  ****and 20 wk bump pix!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Anniversary!

One year today! We're more in love and happier than we've ever been together. Its amazing! We can't believe one year has come and gone so quickly!

I hope every year we can say we're more in love and happier than before!! (see more about us and wedding pix here)

I'm telling you, with the man I got, I couldn't be happier or more fortunate. He got a lesson early on in "sickness and health" which must have prepared him for taking care of me during pregnancy. He doesn't hesitate to jump in and help around the house, and we can have fun doing nothing more than sitting on the couch together or going to a nearby like to hike or just enjoy the scenery.

He tells me I'm beautiful when I sick and ugly, and does his best to wear out the words "I love you!"

Funny story - The first time we said "I love you," we were by a lake and something nasty bit me around my eye. The next day it was swollen shut. I spent the day on benadryl and sleeping on and off, hoping the swelling wouldn't be there for Sunday. He stayed with me while I was in "agony" and got me the dosages on time and continued to tell me I was still beautiful and he loved me. He was amazing. I knew I had made a good choice to say "it" back! I mean seriously, I looked like a freaky Cyclops!

All that to say, this is a great day! I have a great man! We're so excited to keep spending the rest of our lives together :-)


19 week bump photo and nursery beginnings on the way!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby Boy Joy!

Now that we're so close to the halfway point, making our home ready for our son has become more of focus. David has been in the "nesting phase" for weeks! He's so ready to get everything we need for our son RIGHT NOW! Its precious! I'm slower to get there. I take my time planning out, figuring exactly what we need, or more acurately, what we can do without. Maybe I watch too many tribal mothers on National Geographic? 

Now that I am getting on board, hitting nesting phase with wings wide spread - I'm so excited about some things we've purchased or received so far, and what we're planning to do this weekend!!!

I love crocheting! I began crocheting when I was 7. My dream always was to make baby blankets and other items for my children one day. So far, the "blanket" I'm working on seems like it will make a great play mat for baby when he is ready to get down on the floor. Its so thick, since I'm using a heavier weighted yarn. First time using a 9mm hook!
And who could resist those precious little toys??? David even wants me to make the hedgehog for him ;-)
My thinking is, if we give our son toys that do all the thinking an playing for him, what is he going to learn? How well will his imagination develop? I want him to play with toys that leave something to the imagination and give him room to create his own stories!!!

This lady knows what I'm talking about!!! Go vintage!

The clothes on the left were gifts from one of my dear friends. She is on her third pregnancy and still the magic has not worn off! She loves baby stuff as much now as I'm beginning too on my first!

The right corner show two onesies and two pairs of shorts we picked out. We just love those little animated monkeys! And those baby shorts!!!! I'm not getting any more summery things just because he's coming in October, but these things were $4... I had to! And the white button down in front is just like a shirt David has! Its for an 18mo old, so next Easter he and daddy can have a matching picture!!!!

Before we ever had anything else for our son, before we knew he would be a son, we bought books! Books at consignment! It was so much fun imagining reading to our little baby. We both love religious children's books, and David is driven to find the perfect "my first Bible." He picked these adventure Bible story books all by himself. He was drawn I think by the pictures, and that beside the stories are action ques ;-) He will make such a cute dad!

And yes, I already bought my son's first school book!!! I COULD NOT resist! All subjects for the first grade in ONE BOOK!!!! I can photo copy the pages and use them for the next kid! The lessons looked great, and it was just a few dollars at Sams! (yea.. I'm going to be a homeschool mom :-) )

And yes folks, I am going to wear my baby!!!! I was ecstatic to come home from work yesterday and find our baby sling in the mail!!! Check out seven slings if you're on the market! They're always running a promotion for a great discount on their slings. This promotion for Mother's Day was code: FITMOTHER and scored me 100% off the sling, just pay shipping :-)


I am sooo looking forward to having my little "baby bear" snuggling with me in this adorable sling!

If you haven't noticed yet... I plan on kelly green (ok, alpine green so David doesn't think it sounds "soo girly"), navy blue, and brown for our little boy's colors. I would have done green and brown regardless, but with a girl I would have mixed in shades of purple :-)


And finally, a sample of one of my yummy maternity meals! I eat like this usually any way, but I've been amping up the healthy ingredients especially for my son's sake. You're looking at asparagus sauteed in a touch of olive oil with a sprinkling of seal salt, chicken I poached in butter, lime juice, and crushed red pepper flakes then topped with light, natural bleu cheese dressing, and strawberries for dessert!!! Sooo yummy :-)

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Still to come... 20 week bump photo and a tribute to our anniversary, which we're celebrating this weekend; along with decorating our sons room!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Bump it up!

... lame title? I know...

Lets cut to the chase! Week 17:


Baby achieved onion-size! I'm achieving very noticeable maternity-stage!
Hubby was sweet and took me shopping for maternity clothes at this point! I was in denial, he was having a blast :-) He's so supportive!  Baby at this point is 5.1 inches long and 5.9 ounces "heavy". Not just a ball of rubber, now baby's cartilage is turning to bone!!! Good thing I like my milk! Baby is getting some muscle and fat too :-) He's a little stronger now and has a thicker umbilical cord. I'm guessing this is good for the eating?
David finally felt some subtle flutters! You should have seen his face light up!!!

*What I wore: tube dress/thrifted; shrug/maurices; flops/old navy; bracelet/kohls; necklace/thrifted

Week 18:


Baby is the height-equivalent of a sweet potato! Baby has grown to 5.6 inches and 6.7 ounces. With the rapid growth I definitely can testify to getting hungrier! My little boy has so many skills!!! Hiccups, yawning, thumb-sucking (just like his mama ;-) ), and kicking! This week I definitely felt some more movements. Its so exciting!!! There was one afternoon, sitting in my boss's office, listening to tales of the courtroom, that I thought I had elbowed myself! I realized my elbow was nowhere near my belly, so I guess baby was just letting me know he was still there!!

*What I wore: maternity jeans/motherhood; tank/dots; scarf cardi/charlotte ruse; necklace/grandma's jewelry box; watch/bday gift from hubby

Some pix that didn't make it into the bday post:


I love this man!!!!

Time just appreciating nature is soooo relaxing! No better way to relax or enjoy God's creation than with my man!




Since my last posts: I've turned 25 (WOW!), I've retired two more items of clothing (a dress and skirt I thought I would never grow into I've now grown past!)

I'm going to let the pictures show how WONDERFUL my husband is and how awesome my birthday was thanks to him!!!


The slaves who worked this cave during the war of 1812 left their mark on the cave.

Totally candid!


Another great candid shot!!


Our son already on the caving kick!


There is a lost iphone down there, in the general direction of the pointer finger...


This was comforting after skimming over those bottomless pitts!



The last leg of the journey was 250 steps up a narrow spiral staircase. That was thrilling!


Cute little squirrel behind our hotel!


So, if you can't tell... We had a picnic, then went caving. After everyone headed their separate ways, hubby showed me to our hotel and then we took a romantic stroll through the forest before dinner :-)

I love that baby got to spend my bday with us, even though he had to celebrate from his tiny womb-home!!

Pix to come of weeks 17-18 and our new baby items!!!

I'm really loving the idea of having a boy now ;-) We've seen some SUPER-CUTE baby boy clothes, and we had fun imagining carrying our son around in a pack on hikes, and having a picnic with him in a year or so. You know, sandwich for me, cliff bar for hubby, boob for baby ;-)


Friday, May 4, 2012

Bubble Wrap in My Belly!

So, odd time to post I know. But waking up at 3:45am is sometimes normal... Already getting up for morning "feedings" and potty. After reading Jer. 32 and doing some praying, I was pretty alert. You know, I spend a lot of time asking God for a lot of things. Thankfully, today I had the realization that God has already done way for me than I could ever ask. All my life, the way he's watched over the people I know and love, the way that no matter what has happened in my life, I've been provided for. Today it felt really good just to recognize what God has done and does, and just thank him for what I already have. Praise God!!!!

Pregnancy is getting cooler now, not as sick (finally!!! I'm so delayed in this area (according to popular literature and belief)), ANNND I'm starting to feel subtle baby movements! I describe it as bubble wrap in my belly! We're 17 weeks, baby is the size of an onion (picture to come), and towards the end of last week I would feel little flutters every so ofter. Everyone gets excited at this point, and I totally am! David is a little jealous because he's not feeling anything yet. I keep telling him to wait until our son is a little bigger. David tries to coax the baby by getting really close to the belly, while rubbing it and saying "Hello Baby Bear, this is your father speaking, I love you..." and whatever else comes to his mind in the moment. Its so cute!!! See, usually if I'm talking, singing (yea, I make up songs for the baby now), or reading to the baby, I rub my belly hoping he'll know I mean to talk, sing, or read to him. Sometimes when I stop and hold my hand in one place he'll flutter a little bit. I told David my "trick" and he hopes it will work for him too, soon!

Picture catch up!

    Ok, so maybe we cheated on this one. But seriously, the avocados were over a dollar and rock solid!!! I would not buy one and wait weeks for it to be soft enough to eat, only to find it tasteless because it was counter-ripened!!!

16 weeks: Baby size - avocado! 4.6 inches long, 3.5 ounces, has a strong heartbeat, can hear my voice; he's growing hair, eyelashes, and taste buds!!! Grow baby, GROW! We love our son!

***What we're wearing: Dress/Dots, Tank/Dots, Bracelets/Dots, Hoops/Charlotte Ruse

Time to say goodbye :-(

 **T/Old Navy; Tanks/Kohls; Cropped pants/Gap; Boat shoes/Croft and Barrow; Bracelets/gifts from friends; Necklace/Gift from friend

 Sadly, for me, this is the last pair of 4s I wore :-( Don't get me wrong, I love seeing the evidence that my baby is growing! Its just, I'm not really excited about saying goodbye to my clothes. I'm not super into buying maternity clothes. In fact, the only piece of maternity clothing I own is the pair of maternity yoga pants my hubby bought me for valentines! David is all for getting new pants for me... I'll be ready someday ;-) til then... bring on the flowy dresses and skirts that still fit!!!

M ~

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