Tuesday, November 20, 2012

6 Weeks!

My son is 6 weeks old! Time for a picture and life update:

 Thursday Baby and I got out to see some work friends. What we wore:
Baby - gifted plaid button down, long-sleeve onesie, brown cords, and argyle socks
Mom (i had to re-read the word "mom" and thought 'wait, when was my mom here?' oh...)
/kohls, leggings/ don't remember, brown distressed boots/DSW
Thursday was bittersweet. I enjoyed showing my son off to women who had watched me grow for the majority of my pregnancy, and who had meant so much to me; but it was crazy-hard letting them know that I wouldn't be back. I'll miss the afternoon chats when the ladies needed to de-stress, and I may miss working. I've never been jobless before... not that being a mom and managing the home isn't work... it's just different.

Friday I happily discovered I can BUTTON my PANTS!!!! Until now I have continued to use a borrowed bella band. This was a nice confidence boost right before I headed out to put my beginner couponing and deal hunting skills to the test.
First run - 37% saved on grocery bill. Enough to encourage me to keep trying!

 I just LOVE the way baby looks all fresh and clean, bundled in a hooded towel, fresh out of the bath!!! Saturday night we decided it would be a good day to bring Elijah's baby-sweet skin to a glow from a warm bath before his first Sunday at church!

We were so happy to finally worship our Lord as a family at our local church.
Elijah stole the hearts of many in his sharp suit. I love his baby-man look!
Baby Stats:
Focusing on our faces more
Discovering the toys dangling above his head in his bouncer and bassinet
hand and arm strength is growing
Ability to support head getting better
Acid reflux improving
Enjoys - Playing with Papa, snuggling with Mama, mouthing his pacifier in between feedings, rolling back and forth while parents try to change his diaper
Mama Stats:
Can button pants!
Getting out of the house more
Getting more done around the house
Beginning exercise
How Life has Changed:
These days our excitement comes from a new delivery of diapers (seriously, when diapers arrived yesterday, I felt more excited than when I used to get a new dress, bag or shoes); fresh load of diapers out of the washer, or anything fresh out of the wash; a good feeding; 3-4 hours of sleep; and coffee in the morning.
Have a happy Tuesday!!!



  1. You look amazing. I'm so thankful that you have settled into you new life as mom. I pray that God continues to bless your family!

  2. Replies
    1. well thanks! my look lately is whatever is easiest before i run out the door ;-)

  3. You guys look fabulous! And you can already button your pants! Wow!

    Tina - American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa


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