Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Beginnings - New Journeys

Almost one and one half years ago I began planning a simple, beautiful wedding to the best man I've ever known (Pictures and more of the story to come!). My days and nights were filled with DIY blogs (Wedding Chicks), free wedding offer sites, and ETSY!!!!!! This is when I discovered the featured seller and other great Etsy posts.

Shortly after these fun search finds, one link lead to another and I began reading motherhood blogs. Favs include Tart, Tia's blog, Early Mama, and so many more! These awesome moms started my wheels turning and I decided one day I would want to join the masses and cue my creative, write-y side and blog my own journey through motherhood, once I began the motherhood journey that is.


This spring, my journey began! We're 11 weeks along and soooooo EXCITED! Originally I thought I would want to wait a few years before beginning mommy-hood, then 3 months into marriage I was riding the baby wagon hard! I left the timing up to hubs, and now, both of us couldn't be more excited; except for maybe the day we find out whether we'll greet a son or daughter, and probably the birthday!

Above you see me on the left between 3-7 weeks. Changes since then:
Not as slim
Shorter hair (had to make something easier with all the morning, afternoon, and night sickness!)
The baby is actually looking like a BABY!!!

To the right you see me at 10 weeks. Changes are pretty obvious. Rocking skinny jeans only with the help of bella band. I'm excited though! Growth means good things for baby and me!

I have more pictures in between and since then, this is just to get the ball rolling.

Hubs is SUPER-sweet, supportive, and excited! He already talks to the baby and says goodbye to "baby bear" on the way to work. He shops for baby things on the computer at his job on breaks, and he's really helped around the house with dishes and cooking for himself!! I'm sooo blessed! He tells me how excited he is and how he can't wait to be a daddy *smiles* How great is he?? I have to stop. I'm gushing!!

Mama Bear (to be)

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